What is a game developer?

A game developer is a software developing professional whose more specific area of expertise is video game development.

In the game development industry we can find single programmers who work by themselves on the development process, as well as bigger companies with many employees to share the task force.

The video game developing process includes a series of complex stages like coming up with a concept for the game, designing it, creating a prototype, programming it, level creation, art and audio production and of course, testing. In the case of a big video game business this will require plenty of high-qualified personnel and in the case of independent developers it will require that they are skilled in all those areas. Read this website for more info.

Why is the game development industry appealing?

The video game industry has been growing non stop since the end of the 90’s decade in economic terms. It has grown in such a way that today, the game developers’ industry has a major impact on economy. This huge repercussion in economy is due to the sales of well-known games such as Call of Duty or Black Ops.

This insustry is so prolific that the video game market’s current global value is over 93 billion dollars.

Aside from the clear weight that this kind of business has on economy, it is a very appealing industry because as it keeps growing it will keep demanding great volumes of game developers as well as big amounts of material, programming tools and other equipment.

What are some game development companies?

It is quite common in this industry for the game developers to leave the company where they were employed to start their own business, as was the case with Atari and Activision, where an Atari employee left the company to set up his own autonomous business. Later on, an employee from Activision did the same thing and left the company to create his own, named Accolade.

At the moment, three of the most relevant game developers in the industry are the following: 

  • Nintendo: it is based in Japan and has been operating as a game developer since the early 80’s when they launched Nintendo Entertainment System. Up until the present day they have sold around 5 million video games, becoming one of the most relevant companies in the industry. 
  • Valve Corporation: this game developer company owes most of its fame to their first video game they launched, named Half-Life, which was an epic success. Said game received over fifty awards the year it was launche. After that, they have been released plenty of other games like Underlords or Dota 2 among others. 
  • Rockstar Games: headquartered in New York, this famous company is the developer of the acclaimed video game Grand Theft Auto among others like Red Dead or Bully. 

These are just three companies that are succeedgin as game developers but there are many others and we can predict that the industry will keep on growing as technology keeps evolving.